TAMAYA Digital Balloon Theodolite 〈TD-4〉

TD-4 shows unprecedented cost performance with high accuracy and high resolving power (0.01° as smallest unit of display).
With its built-in memory, a data collector is no longer necessary.


TD-4 is a digital balloon theodolite which traces a pilot balloon in the air, and through elevation and azimuth data informs the user the conditions in the upper atmosphere.




With a built-in memory function, the TD-4 can store up to 100,000 measurement data.


The traditional data collector is no longer necessary, and the user can check stored data on the display of TD-4. Also, with the optional printer, the user can print out data real time.


Or, the user can connect a computer to TD-4’s RS-232C interface to analyze data from TD-4 with the computer.
Compact, lightweight(5.2kg), and with high accuracy (smallest unit of display is 0.01° for both azimuth and elevation), TD-4 is about half in weight and five times the accuracy compared to TD-3, our previous model.



With the optional printer, data can be printed out at real time.



Main Telescope Diameter 47mm
Magnification 18×
Image Inverted
Field of view 2°30′
Resolution 3.5″
Sub Telescope Diameter 16mm
Image Inverted
Field of view 11°
Resolution 12″
Digital Angle Display Azimuth 0-360°
Elevation 0-360°
Smallest Unit 0.01°(for both azimuth and elevation)
Display LCD (16 digits, 2 lines)
Functions Clock Function Built-in real-time clock calendar function
Timer 1-99 seconds
Command and Alarm Buzzing
Input of Measurement Error Push button
Azimuth Set Function Key input (dialogue)
External Input/Output Function RS-232C
Operating Time Approx. 20 hours continuous
Level Vial Sensitivity 90″/2mm
Dimensions/Weight Body 192(W)×270(H)×240(D)mm 5.2kg
Case 465(W)×305(H)×220(D)mm 4.0kg
Tripod (metal) 1700mm(when fully expanded) 1030mm(when fully contracted) 4.0kg
Power Main Power Lithium ion battery (rechargeable)
Accessories Hood 1 piece
Eyepiece Filters 1 set (switch between colors by rotating)
Tubular Compass 1 piece
Level Vial Adjusting Pin 1 piece
Earphone for Buzzer 1 piece
Tripod 1 set
Battery Charger(100-240V) 1 piece
Carrying Case 1 set
Instruction Manual 1 set
Optional items Printer Thermal head, 16 digits 80(W)x60(H)x120(D)mm, 0.5Kg
Software for TD-4 CD-ROM
RS-232C Cable For PC
Chart Paper 10 rolls per set


TD-4’s Data-processing Software

Using TD-4’s data-processing software, the user can make graphs showing relationships between “altitude and wind direction” and “altitude and wind speed” as well as graphs showing the path of pilot balloon.

The user can make such graphs based on azimuth and elevation data, taken at certain intervals, which are stored as Excel format.



Brochure for TD-4