Echo Sounder〈TDM-BⅢ〉

Echo Sounder 《TDM-BⅢ》

Product Features

  • Touch panel which is easy to read and for easy operation
  • Thermal recording using heat-sensitive chart
    No synchronization error
  • Low power consumption
    5 hours continuous operation with built-in battery.
    Car battery can also be used.
  • Automatic printing on chart
    Prints the time, depth, recording scale, and correction for sound velocity
  • Clock function
    Can print and output time at current intervals
  • Lightweight and compact
    Only 9.8Kg with built-in battery
  • Automatic/Manual Shifts
    Option of shifting ranges automatically
  • Correction for sound velocity
    Automatic correction is possible if sound velocity correction value is entered.



Recording Scales 1/100, 1/200, 1/50
Measuring Ranges Analog: 0.65-100m; Digital: 1.00-100m
Accuracy ±3cm ±water depth x 1/1000
Display Liquid crystal touch panel
Contents of Display Time, water depth, measurement range, correction value for sound velocity, draft, and sensitivity
Recording chart Heat sensitive sheet (thermal type), width 112mm x length 25m
Chart feeding speed 15, 30, 45, 60, 90, 120, 240, 360, and 480mm/min.
Transducer frequency 200KHz ± 3KHz
Angle of beam spread of transducer Half value, full angle: approx. 6°
Adjustment for sensitivity Automatic adjustment (manual adjustment also available)
Sound velocity correction By 1-meter increment for the range 1300~1599m/s
Range of draft adjustment 0.0~9.9m
Items printed on recording chart Time, water depth, correction value for sound velocity, and recording scale
Printout of water depth RS-232C, 4800 baud rate, 8 bits, stop bit 2
Power supply DC12V (internal or external battery)
Power consumption 12V, 0.65A
Operating time 5 hours continuous
Dimensions 391W x 257H x 147D mm
Weight 9.8Kg (with built-in battery)
Accessories Transducer, boardside fixture, battery charger, marker,
5 rolls of recording chart
Optional item Reflection plate for sound velocity correction



Brochure for TDM-BⅢ