TAMAYA Navigation Calculator 〈NC-2200〉

The NC-2200 is a navigation calculator capable of performing complicated navigation calculation and astro-navigation calculation, with speed and accuracy.  Navigation calculation is a means of determining the position of one’s vessel, by sighting a celestial body in the open sea where land is not visible.


The vertical angle between a celestial body in the sky and the horizon can be measured using a sextant, and based on this angle information, one can determine the position of vessel on Earth, in terms of latitude and longitude.  Also, based on the latitude and longitude of point of departure, and the latitude and longitude of point of arrival, course and distance of one’s path to be taken can be calculated.


Navigation Calculator《NC-2200》


Product Feature

  • Simple operation with built-in programs
  • Course and distance computation
  • Dead reckoning computation
  • Great Circle computation
  • ETA computation
  • Current computation
  • LOP computation
  • Meridian Passage computation
  • Convenient conversions for to HMS and to HHH
  • Long term Nautical Almanac for the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and 63 stars. The built-in Almanac is usable until 2100, it is good with accuracy better than 0′.2
  • Twilight Time mode computes time of rise or set, civil twilight and azimuth for the Sun and rise or set, age and azimuth for the Moon
  • Prediction/Identification mode computes azimuth and altitude for all celestial bodies, and displays any usable body above the horizon


Programmed Navigation functions


1. Navigation Computations for Dead Reckoning and Piloting : PILOT1

1)Course and Distance
2)Dead Reckoning
3)Great Circle
4)Composite Sailing
5)Estimated Time of Arrival


2.Navigation Computations for Current, True Wind, Tide, and Stream : PILOT 2

1-1)Course and Speed Made Good
1-2)Course and Speed to Make Good
1-3)Course to Steer and Speed Made Good
1-4)Set and Drift
2)Direction and Speed of True Wind
3)Tide at Standard Port
4)Tidal Stream



2)Prediction & Identification
3)Nautical Almanac
4)Line of Position
5)Position Fix
6)Meridian Passage



1)Altitude Corrections
2)Distance to Object



1)Time Computation
2)Arc Computation


6.TIME Calculations

1)To HMS
2)To HHH
3)Normal Computations




Operation Touch panel with stylus
Power Source 3 pieces of size AAA battery (dry cell)
Batteries included are for checking purposes only.
Rechargeable batteries can be used for normal use.
Operating Time Continuous operation for 8 hours(with backlight OFF)
Operating Temperature 0℃~45℃(32°F~113°F)
Display LCD, 240×320 dots
Dimensions 2.83(W)×0.53(H)×4.42(D) inches
Weight 0.165kg(without battery), or 582oz(without battery)
Standard Accessories Stylus and neck strap




Brochure for NC-2200