KOSHIN Marine Vanes (Anemometer) 〈FV-301A〉

An anemometer is an equipment which measures both wind speed and wind direction, simultaneously.  This equipment shows on display the relative direction and relative speed of wind flowing above a travelling vessel.  It can be used on a wide variety of vessels – small boats, fishing boats, and work ships.


Marine Vane FV-301A

In pursuing the highest achievements in design and function, Tamaya has engineered a more compact and lightweight anemometer.


A new compact design (2/3 smaller and 1/5 the weight of recent models), and improved function through a patented internal optical pulse system, make this wind speed and direction instrument more durable and accurate than ever before.
In anemometers, the essential choice is the Marine Vane FV-301A.

TAMAYA Marine Vane《FV-301》
1.Compact and Lightweight. Easy to Install
-The transmitter housing is made of plastic, reducing weight by 1/5 and overall area by 2/3 which allows for easy installation.


2.High Durability Propeller
-Wind speed detecting propeller is made of highly durable, lightweight glass fiber polycarbonate.


3.Increased Accuracy Through Optical Technology
-Patented non-contact system for wind measurement uses optical fiber instead of the traditional spring mechanism and the wind direction detector employs an 8-bit encoder.  Both features provide increased reliability and accuracy.


4.Easy-to-read Analog and Digital Displays
-Separate display systems in indicator provide a digital read-out of average wind speed and an analog(LED) display for instantaneous wind direction and speed.


5.Unit of wind speed can be switched between m/s and knot
6.Digital display updates avarage wind speed every 10 minutes
7.Digital illumination can be adjusted by remote control for night voyages (Optional)


Dimensions for Transmitter


風向風速計 マリンベーン 《FV-301》

Specifications for Transmitter

TYPE Wind direction detector:
Absolute encoder type, 8-bit gray code
Wind speed detector:
Non-contact type with the use of optical pulse
OUTPUT Wind direction:
256 partition dial, 8-bit gray code serial signal
Wind speed:
24 pulse/one revolution pulse signal
THRESHOLD Wind direction:  Below 2m/s
Wind speed:  
Below 2m/s
WIND SPEED RESISTANCE Maximum instantaneous wind speed of 90m/s
MEASURING RANGES Wind direction: 360°(all directions)
Wind speed: 2~60 m/s
ACCURACY Wind speed:
±0.5 m/s or lower at wind speeds of less than 10 m/s or less
Below ±5% at wind speeds exceeding 10 m/s
OUTPUT Open collector:
6p terminal system, 6-core shielded
WEIGHT Approx. 2.5kg
PAINTING Munsel mark 2.5 G7/2



Dimensions for Indicator


風向風速計 マリンベーン 《FV-301》

Specifications for Indicator

TYPE Digital type
Wind direction:
LED 36 dot display (displays instantaneously)
Wind speed:
LED 31 dot display switches between m/s and knot, range of 0~60m/s
Switches automatically between 0~60m/s and 0~120Kt (X2 Display)
Averaging system
LED 7 segment 3 lines (average values)
Wind speed: 
Averages speed every 10 minutes
FUNCTION Data processing
Display of instantaneous value:
Averages data every second, data are input every second
Display of average value:
Averages data every 10 minutes, data are input every 6 seconds
ILLUMINATION CONTROL Brightness adjustable by resistor (Optional remote control available)
OUTPUT SIGNAL Current loop serial signal transmission speed 1200 baud (instantaneous value every 250 ms)
CONNECTION Terminal type 6-core shielded
POWER AC 100V±10%, 50/60 Hz (120V, 220V, 240V)
OPERATING CONDITIONS Temperature: 0ºC~40ºC (provided there is no condensation)
Humidity: 20%~80%
PAINTING Munsel mark 2.5 G7/2
WEIGHT Approx. 2.3kg



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