TAMAYA Hand Levels and Abney Levels

Hand levels and Abney levels are optical devices with spirit levels and offer a very simple solution for measuring difference in elevations.
An Abney level, which comes with a protractor scale, can be used to measure slopes, in addition to measuring difference in elevations. This feature allows the user to measure heights of trees using an Abney level.



《Product Features》

  • Offers very quick and simple means of measurement
  • Since used for rough leveling, ideal for preliminary surveying
  • Abney levels come with two types of protractor scale: graduation reading in percent or in degrees



Hand levels
  1. Locke hand level 6” (item no. 432): Tube length of 6 inches
  2. Locke hand level 7 1/2” (item no. 433):
    (a) Tube length of 7 1/2 inches
    (b) Magnification of 5x
  3. Square hand level 5” (item no. 441): Tube length of 5 inches
Abney levels
  1. Specifications common to all Abney levels:
    (a) Equipped with two interchangeable arcs with 47mm radius
    (b) One arc is graduated in degrees, 0 to 60 in both directions,
    and the other arc is graduated in topographic.
    (c) Index with friction movement for fine adjustment
    (d) Non-glare finish
    (e) Height: 65mm
  2. Abney level 5” (item no. 421):
    (a) Tube length: 5 inches
    (b) Graduation: Percent and degree
    (c) Vernier reading: 10’
  3. Abney level 7 1/2” (item no. 423):
    (a) Tube length: 168mm
    (b) Graduation: Percent and degree
    (c) Vernier reading: 10’
    (d) Magnification: 5x