TAMAYA Pulse Recorder with Alarm Fuction〈TAMAPod PULSO-2〉

Product Features

  • Energy-saving design, with long hours of operation using two AA-size dry cells
  • Measurement data are stored in an SD card, in CSV format
  • Working temperature : -25℃ to 60℃
  • Output function (alarm contact or cloud communication)



Input Channel 1 channel
No-voltage contact or 2~30 voltage signal.
Input Pulse Width 0.1sec or more
Input Signal 1 sec or more
Input Voltage Capacity Max 30V
Input Terminal Push-button clamp, with wire diameter of 16AWG-24AWG
Built-in memory Storage Capacity 3800 pulses
Recording type Memory scroll (When reaching the maximum capacity, the system overwrites from the first-recorded data)
Transfer method Automatic transfer every 30 days (when SD card is installed)
Automatic transfer when built-in memory becomes full
Manual transfer by operating keys
External Recording Media Memory card SD card/multi media card (MMC), must be competible with FAT16/32 abd up to 32GB in capacity
Built-in memory Depends on capacity of media (Applox. 964KB with 38,000 pulses)
Recording Format CSV format
Recording Data Date Time data format. (Records time when pulse input event occurs)
Year/Month/Day, Hour: Min: Sec, Battery Voltage (eg. 2019/04/01,12:00:00,3.0)
Display LCD 8 digits, 2 lines, Auto ON/OFF function
Operation Keys Operation with 2 keys(Select/Enter)
Aux Terminal Compatible devices Alarm unit LL-alarm01 (optional)
M2M cloud communication unit KADEC-MIELCA (optional)
RJ-45 connector (Do not connect to Ethernet devices)
Operating Temperatures -25℃~∔60℃ (provided no condensation occurs)
Batteries 2 AA-size batteries (Alkaline dry cell)
Battery Life Approx. 1 year
External Power Supply DC 12V (When used with LL-alarm01)
Battery Meter Shows on LCD
Dimensions 115×69×28mm, 180g (Excluding all protrusions)



 〈Alarm Unit〉LL-alarm01



Input Contact input (1ch)
Method of calling off alarm By key operation on datalogger PULSO-2
Alarm Output 1ch relay contact
Terminal Contact Capacity AC100V:2A DC24V:2A or less
Power DC12~24V (comes with an AC adapter)
Fuse 3A mini fuse
Dimensions W90.4×D50.4×H29.5mm