Management Philosophy


Through manufacture and sales of measuring equipments, we Tamaya Technics Inc., have always been sensitive to and precisely captured changes in the global environment. We will aim to realize societies in which people can live in peace.



It was in the year 1675 (at the beginning of the Edo Era) that Tamaya was founded as a shop selling eyeglasses, under the yago, or “house name” of “Tamaya”. Tamaya’s company motto, at the time, was “to capture precisely”.


Tamaya’s job was not limited to simply selling eyeglasses, which, at the time, were imported from abroad. Tamaya would go one step further and adjust the frame and lens for each eyeglass. That way, we could always maintain the correct focal length, and offer our customers safe and high-precision eyeglasses, which do not place unnecessary burden on the customers’ eyes. Thus, we Tamaya have always shown consideration for our customers.


In pursuit of “capturing precisely”, and from its know-how that has built up over the years, Tamaya has broadened its range of products, from eyeglasses to measuring instruments.


At a time (around the year 1900) when Japan was dependent on imported goods for most of the measuring instruments it used, Tamaya was the first to make its own, domestic measuring instrument.


Tamaya, which has offered numerous measuring instruments, will, as a pioneer in the field of measuring instruments, continue to take pride in our know-how and to pursue skills further. Thus we intend to supply even better products in the future.