TAMAYA Rain Integral Datalogger with Alarm Function〈TAMAPod LLUVIA-2〉


Input Channels 1ch (with no voltage contact or with voltage contact (2~30v), detected pulse width: 500ms)
Increments Tips at 0.1mm、0.5mm、1mm
Operation Keys Select and Enter keys
Data Storage Depends on size of SD card (2GB SD card can store around 60 million data)
Display LCD
Display: Cumulative rainfall for past 1 hour Displays cumulative rainfall for the past 1 hour
Display: Cumulative rainfall for past 1 hour24 hours Displays cumulative rainfall for the past 24 hours
Display: Cumulative rainfall from beginning of rainfall  Displays cumulative rainfall from the first detection of signal from tipping bucket ( updates every 1 second), can be reset at 6- , 12- and 24-hour intervals.
Alarm Setting Options: past 1 hour, past 24 hours, and from beginning of rainfall
Alarm Condition Alarm will go off if any of the three alarm settings, below, is exceeded:
・After 1 hour of continuous rainfall
・After 24 hours of continuous rainfall
・From beginning of rainfall
Recording Intervals Records cumulative rainfall of 10 minutes, every 10 minutes
Recording Format CSV file
Collection of Data SD Card (Up to 32GB)
Automatic transfer into SD card (When built-in memory becomes full, data will  be automatically transmitted to the SD card.)
Communication Port RJ-45 connector
Batteries 2 AA-size batteries (alkaline dry cells)
Battery Life Approx. 1 year
Dimensions 69(W)×115(H)×28(D)mm


 〈Alarm Unit〉LL-alarm01



Input Contact input (1ch)
Method of calling off alarm By key operation on datalogger LLUVIA-2
Alarm Output 1ch relay contact
Terminal Contact Capacity AC100V:2A DC24V:2A or less
Power DC12~24V (comes with an AC adapter)
Fuse 3A mini fuse
Dimensions W90.4×D50.4×H29.5mm



Brochure For TAMAPod LLUVIA-2